At Softify Big Data Services, we have experienced and qualified professionals who have worked on numerous successful projects. We begin by understanding the business objectives and goals and then start focusing on developing innovative solutions that can generate value for clients and end customers. We can achieve this through continuous improvement and flexibility.

Organizations all over the world have access to large data and want to implement new strategies that improve customer experience. One such strategy is Big Data, which involves gathering, organizing, and analyzing data to uncover unknown correlations, hidden patterns, and customer preferences. We use specialized tools and applications for implementing Big Data analytics tools. Here is how we can help you with our big data services:

  • Enable you to uncover business opportunities
  • Helps in making smart business decisions
  • Minimize risks
  • Identify and solve big data security risks
  • Increase efficiency, boost sales and improve risk management & operations
  • Identify and analyze data for business decisions in the future


Big Data Strategy Consulting

We assist customers in defining the big data strategy and providing vendor-neutral recommendations customized to their technology landscape, objectives, and preferences. We establish a modern architecture that improves efficiency.

Set up and support the Big Data infrastructure.

We evaluate and recommend the best infrastructure model, simplifying the integration and installation process. We eliminate the intricacies involved in writing and maintaining complex code and provide accelerators and frameworks for custom data connectors.

Development, Maintenance & Support.

Softify handles the complete lifecycle of implementing big data and develop solutions. Our frameworks address the functional components like Data Provisioning, Management, and Consumption.

Analytics & Insights

Our competence in big data solutions, tools, and processes provides actionable insights from huge disparate data collected daily. We utilize analytics for making better business decisions.