Distribution and manufacturing services

At Softify, we leverage technology’s power to break the silos between the digital and the physical world. We create intelligent connections between the products, machines, suppliers, and employees. Through our Digital Manufacturing services, we aim to accelerate innovation in the manufacturing industry.

Digital Manufacturing platforms help companies enable their provision of services in a broad sense. We offer vendor-agnostic and cloud-based Digital Manufacturing platforms for maximizing operational performance. These Digital Distribution services are associated with the collection, storage, processing, and deliverance of data. It also includes providing the digital extension of their physical asset’s functionalities.

our services, we aim to accelerate innovation in the industry of manufacturing.

Distribution and Manufacturing Services

Digital Transformation

We can help provide and achieve a future-focused vision of product augmenting the unique domain skills of the members.

Joint Innovation

Our experts can help align your technology visions in order to help you gain an industry-leading competitive advantage through resources and deliverables.

Joint Accountability

We ensure that the IT Solutions for Manufacturing are at controlled risk and are successfully executed.