Retail & E-Commerce Service

Softify is a trusted Retail IT Services partner that has helped several retailers with their digital shopping platforms. Through our IT Retail Solutions, retailers can create shopping sites with interactive product displays, merchandising strategies for leveraging social networking, and dynamic pages created using user-driven product configuration and design.At Softify, We understand the importance of customer relationships. We can help you get loyal customers. All the retail industry technology solutions that we offer can be configured easily. Also, maintaining our platforms doesn’t require a lot of people as they are easy and intuitive. We support our clients at every stage of growth and create platforms capable of being customized to match your requirements.

Retail & E-Commerce Service



With Retail E-Commerce Services from Softify, you will be able to create value for your customers.


Our team provides a unique approach that helps travel companies in building open, scalable, intelligent and connected systems.


This involves designing, developing, and implementing customized retail solutions to satisfy retailers’ unique requirements.

Industry Segments

All the different types of retailers have two things in common – the emerging digital transformation trends and the key principles of retail. However, every market segment has priorities and needs that must be addressed. We ensure that our IT and e-commerce solutions are tailored to fit the requirements of every industry segment, like Hard Goods, Groceries & FMCG, and Fashion & Apparel.

Brand Owners

We create engaging product content and virtual & immersive store experiences for brand owners. Also, we can help you in optimizing warehouse operations and logistics networks for timely delivery.

Groceries & FMCG

We help provide quality tracking, attractive configurations, and a mix of products to increase sales and flexible delivery models (warehouse/hub/store).

Specialty Retailers

For specialty retailers, we offer experiential retail tech solutions with virtual trial rooms and conversational interfaces along with smart merchandising that is in line with the local needs, seasonality, and fashion cycles.