Our IoT solutions and services involve consulting, development, application management, and data analytics to help organizations solve their business challenges. This way, your company can tap into new revenue streams using our IoT consulting services.

Softify IoT Solutions & Services can transform your business needs into differentiators by delivering IoT-powered solutions. From choosing the best platform to deriving inspired insights to integrating suitable sensors, we can help you with anything. We empower the organizations to:

  • Analyze the new data and act on it
  • Transform and integrate the business processes
  • Integrate IoT solutions using the current enterprise architecture
  • Scale and connect with efficiency
  • Use augmented intelligence for improved decision making


Strategic Consulting

Help create or customize a solution to meet your address objectives, Select the technology stack, and design the IoT architecture and cybersecurity strategy.

IoT Development.

Firmware engineering, Data analytics implementation, Data warehouse engineering, Custom application development, Network engineering, API design and provisioning, Network and device security testing, and Application launch.

IoT Analytics

Our well-designed IoT Solutions And Services implement an analytics solution, providing analytics as a service to collect the data points relevant to a product’s analysis.

Application Management

Using Friendly Technologies, we manage the lifecycle of IoT devices across any vertical and offer troubleshooting, technical support, and security management solutions.