The Challenges

Our client organization’s sales division was having a very tough time handling the complexity in perpetual product and pricing chances. There were very little opportunities to cross or up sell due to complete lack of analytics. They were, therefore, looking for a solution or tool that would enable them to crate, accurate, targeted and personalized sales quotes.

  • They are still using Legacy quote configurations.
  • Their revenue Growth has outpaced their operational ability.
  • Client is building a recurring revenue stream.
  • Their Sales teams sending inaccurate sales quote to prospects.
  • Still the quotes are manually reviewed, resulting miscalculations.
Our Solution

Considering the business scenario and the unique requirements of our clients, we came up with a solution and recommended using the Salesforce CPQ software. CPQ stands for configure, price, quote. It is basically an extension of the CRM platform, designed to create a standardized sales process for the organization. The CPQ software also aimed at making the overall sales process easier, quicker and a lot more organized. With Salesforce CPQ (configure, price, and quote), our client was able to configure products, price orders quickly, Control percentage of discounts and save valuable time with fast and accurate quotes. One of the most significant advantages of CPQ is its ability to make life easier for sales reps. Moreover, it automates a highly-complex sales process to increase the productivity and efficiency levels of sales teams.


With a thorough implementation of the Salesforce CPQ, our client could derive the following benefits:

  • Improve accuracy and boost sales performance– Using Salesforce CPQ, our client was able to solve the toughest business challenges by streamlining and automating a comprehensive pricing strategy and execution lifecycle.
  • Quickly create quotes and proposals– Salesforce CPQ provides excellent templates that enabled the organization to integrate their sales process with various applications and software that enhance sales profitability and helped the team make better and more informed business decisions.
  • Increase deal size/up-sell and cross-sell– Salesforce CPQ tracked their customer preferences and suggested the right mix of products and services. This helped the Salespeople cross-sell, up-sell, and get more clients and build their customer base.
  • Eliminate errors in pricing and contracts– Salesforce CPQ took the organization through the step-by-step process and trained the sales reps throughout the process. This tool also houses all the information about policy and price change, thus improving accuracy.
  • Consistent Pricing & discounting control- Salesforce CPQ can apply volume-based discounts automatically so that sales reps don’t have to search through tables of out-of-date discounting data. CPQ also keeps track of different types of discounts, such as partner or distributor discounts, so that pricing details are never lost. Salesforce CPQ aims to make discounting easy by simplifying or automating the process.
  • Advanced discounting and approval workflows: SFCPQ helps sales team get quotes to their customers faster. The Advanced Approvals solution is designed from the ground up to streamline and automates the process of securing all necessary internal approvals for custom sales quotes.
  • Multicurrency support- Salesforce CPQ can be used to create Quotes and calculate pricing using the enabled currencies. When a new Quote is created or edited the Quote’s Currency field can be used to determine what currency this Quote should be restricted to.