The Client

Our client is one of the world’s largest travel groups, their operations spans across tourism, luxury, leisure charter services, destination management services and a very large luxury hotels spread across the globe.

The Challenge

There were quite a number challenges the client was facing apart from their difficulty in managing huge volumes of requests and close the sales transactions. Some of the challenges were:

  • Lack of a lead routing or opportunity management
  • No formal process or tool in place for forecasting, sales reporting or sales person accountability,
  • No pre-existing CRM solution in place. Sales were run solely on legacy in-house developed application, spreadsheets and manual processes.
  • Lacked complete visibility to cost of sale and pipeline.
  • Sales and Marketing processes were previously not automated or standardized.
  • Inconsistent user adoption of previous system with no mobile access to SFA.
  • Siloed Customer Data
  • Inflexible process and workflow
  • Lack of real-time business insights
  • Fragmented technology approach
  • Difficulty in accessing the available information, especially when sales reps are travelling
  • No tracking of sales representatives meeting prospective or existing clients
  • No data analytics and no management dashboards
Our Solution
  • Create and access a superior high-quality leads
  • Right engagement Right Time: Easy use of Real-time information to fuel increased productivity of sales team and enable better close rates.
  • Reports on Sales pipeline, trends and mobile dashboards help managers capitalize on seasonal &recurring sales.
  • Quote issuance and tracking of Customer interactions.
  • Flexibility for the Salesforce to work when they are actually on field and also in offline mode.
  • Day to day tasks for account /opportunity management are tailored to the sales reps ‘ roles.
  • Accurate Forecasting: Daily visibility through standard reports opportunities enable forecasting.
  • Customer 360 Degree: Customer information is shared across SFA and their ERP systems,
  • Guide the sales representatives thoroughly through every stage and make them implement the best practices.
  • Territory based assignment and security that keeps sales reps focused on their region, while allowing executives access to the complete sales pipeline.
  • Incorporating application with Google Maps for exact and advantageous arranging by region.
  • Sales Catalog aligned to quotation process.
  • Improve Account Planning by Sales Reps focusing on high-value customers.
  • Robust cloud and mobile accessible SFA application enabling simplified user experience and gain business visibility.
Client Benefits

The immediate benefit that the client received following our solution of Sales force Sales Cloud implementation was an increase in the revenue from 25% in Q2 to 32% in Q3. Overall, the business could retain more clients, increment benefits and achieve their business targets faster and more effectively. Summing up:

  • The business now has a clear picture of the volume of Leads and Opportunities at every stage of the sales cycle.
  • Harmonization of master & transaction data of leads & opportunities
  • Accelerate lead-to-revenue close rates.
  • Quick closure on deals through collaborative selling
  • Boost sales rep productivity and customer satisfaction with integration between sales and back office processes
  • Increase growth in revenue through better tracking of sales pipeline
  • Maximize Quota attainment and improve overall Sales performance
  • Improve insight into key selling activities and sales performance with enterprise analytics.
  • Improve ROI by moving technology from cap-ex to op-ex.
  • Improve ROI by moving technology from cap-ex to op-ex.
  • Increase adoption through streamlined UI and configurability to meet business needs.
  • Improve insight into key selling activities and sales performance with enterprise analytics.
  • Measurable outcomes and results expected from Lead Management
  • They are able to measure the conversion rate and identify potential opportunities to improve it further.
  • The sales agents are more productive as the work is being distributed and assigned as appropriate via automated workflows
  • They have immediate access to the complete history or communication trail for the Lead or Opportunity they are working on
  • Improve user adoption and data quality through use of Microsoft Outlook and Mobile solutions.
  • Increase efficiencies from the elimination of duplicated efforts and manual manipulation of spreadsheets.