6 ways travel companies must evolve in the age of online travel

6 ways travel companies must evolve in the age of online travel

The current economic uncertainties have impacted everyone’s life in different ways. Perhaps the worst impacted was the travel sector, which was almost decimated by the uncontrolled pandemic.

As more countries open, the recovery process has begun. Customers are making informed decisions keeping safety as their top priority. So, it is up to the travel companies to fill out all technological gaps in their work model to offer high-quality service. Check out the ways how the travel companies have evolved in this era of online travel:

1. Maintaining online presence and credibility

With travelers getting dependent on the internet, competition is at its peak. Moreover, tourists now share their good and bad experiences publicly. A social media highlight about poor flight or hotel booking service can be a nightmare for travel companies.

Hence, everyone should try their best to maintain their reputation, from airlines to hotel owners. Here are some ways to boost your online credibility:

a. Have a good online website to improve customer experience. The operator program should be scalable, simple, and deliver optimum value. Your technology should meet the customized demands of your customers.

b. Offer a reliable experience by keeping your safety checks high.

This is when you can avail of the Softify travel technology solutions to make a positive difference by offering professional services to your customers.

2. High standard of service

You cannot ignore your service quality in this competitive era. Whether it is a hotel reservation system or a flight booking app, keeping the customers happy is important for their loyalty. Hence, it is a must to use superior service to make a positive impact.

With the rise in online booking, investing in good travel agency software that renders seamless travel research, hotel booking, and payment will offer you a competitive edge. It will help your business implement a digital solution with affordability.

The travel software by Softify helps you deliver an optimized and efficient service to your customer. With an efficient and safe interface, you can offer your customers an inclusive solution for the digital transformation of your travel business.

3. Offer customer-oriented services

Not many companies can deliver it with ease. When a customer is given service, it should be customized according to their taste to add a personal touch. This personalization is done based on their likes and interests.

Customers will feel more appreciated if they see the choices they prefer. So, a travel company should use customer data correctly to make unique recommendations to their customers, matching their budget and taste.

Softify offers the right solution to interpret the business metrics to help you offer personalized services to your clients. It offers deep insights to help you devise methods and stay ahead of your competitors.

4. Effective operational management

According to your services, the daily operations can cost you a lot. Dealing with suppliers and customers may force you to expand your workforce. However, with an efficient business management system using the right tech solution for travel, you can make a digital transformation and make your travel reservation system more effective to help your team be more productive.

With Softifytec, you can integrate your services into one platform and seamlessly operate your business. The booking engine optimizes the complete process from marketing to booking.

5. Easy access

With intelligence expanding, the internet has become the source of information for all. Any information you need is just a click away. The rising internet traffic is how online travel agencies can be available for customers through apps and websites. The availability of a dynamic business model and the integrated digital platform offers easy access to customers and enhances their experience.

Sofitfy offers a unique approach to helping travel companies develop open, intelligent, connected systems.

6. Competitive IT and ecommerce solutions

Using IT and ecommerce solutions in travel have aided process automation, saving time and reducing cost. Integrating technologies like AI and ML offers insights into customer behavior and preference. Backed with such data, you can concentrate better on your targeted customers and render better service.

Softifytec is your one-stop travel software development solution for productive tools to handle your online travel business. With customers getting the best travel experience at competitive prices, the travel industry needs to take the right steps and overcome all complexities.


1. How has technology affected the travel sector?

Technology has automated the travel sector, making trip planning less time-taking and easier for companies. Travelers can plan a tour in minutes and easily book flight tickets, accommodations, and more.

2. How can travel agencies use technology for their benefit?

You can send data immediately to an airline from your agency which is then relayed to the customers. So, what took hours and days to process can be done within seconds, reducing wait hours and boosting productivity.

3. How do customers benefit from online travel?

  • Low-cost pricing method to book accommodation
  • Reduced online market expenses with personalized advertisements
  • Impartial reviews to confidently book
  • Comparison between different hotels and flights in one place