IT Offshore Outsourcing – The Benefits And Challenges

IT Offshore outsourcing

Is IT offshoring beneficial? More and more technology companies are hiring outsourced developers time. According to Fortunly, 64% of offshore outsourcing technical functions work with app development. It may be time you try it, too, especially when you want your software to be extraordinary.

IT offshore outsourcing business is growing at the speed of light because of expensive charges of domestic engineers, lack of talent, and no access to new candidates. According to Statista, the outsourcing market has grown from $45.6 billion in 2000 to 85.6 billion dollars in 2018.

Offshoring helps you fulfill two significant needs of productive business development. Offshoring stands for delegating a job to an employee from another country. The client hires employees from foreign countries, and they work on behalf of the client’s company, doing the assigned job.

Benefits of Offshore Outsourcing

Now that you understand offshoring, you should know the possible benefits you derive from it to enhance your business.

  • Cost-effectiveness

As per Deloitte, 59% of companies outsource IT functions to reduce expenses. Outsourcing your IT requirements and infrastructure works as a viable, cost-effective solution.

IT offshore outsourcing experts wipe out the need for costly training, offer to save on capital outlays for IT resources, and give you the liberty to hire people according to needs and projects.

  • Scalability

Usually, companies factor in the present IT needs while keeping consistent changes and growth factors in mind.

With growth, companies must address “n” number of problems, and adding new IT infrastructure is not feasible for all.

However, when outsourcing to a quality data center, these issues don’t exist. IT offshore outsourcing experts handle rapid and exponential growth and promote scalability.

  • Better core-competency

Outsourcing IT services helps your company to use free time and resources and work on core products and services. If these IT services are done in-house, the same workforce, time, and resources are distributed between these activities, leaving no time for core operations.

  • Enhanced disaster planning

Business handling digital solutions often faces digital disaster. IT offshore outsourcing business offers you reliable IT infrastructure. They have a data center with hardware architecture, planning, and services in place to provide immediate recovery.

  • No infrastructure cost

IT offshore outsourcing solutions eliminate the need for infrastructural investment as the experts take the complete business process responsibility and develop infrastructure for the same.

  • Reduced labor cost

Businesses no longer have to invest in recruiting and training teams for their needs. Outsourcing helps you focus your human resources on the core activities.

  • Access to skilled talent

How would you know the hired employee is qualified if you’re not a technical expert? IT Certifications are essential, but so are experience and soft skills. You can choose a wide range of talent for your project as per your need through IT outsourcing offshore services.

IT Outsourcing challenges

The NTT Global Managed Services report 2020 states that 45% of worldwide companies will spend more on IT sourcing in the coming 18 months.

Businesses are consistently exposed to new obstacles, challenges, and risks. While some sustain, others are absolved. Amidst such crises, IT offshore outsourcing services can be a game-changer. Here are some challenges or disadvantages of offshore outsourcing, companies seldom face:

  • Real outsourcing expenses

You are not simply paying for the services but for additional charges which increase your total cost. For instance, if you have scheduled an appointment with an outsourcing business, you’re charged for server space, drive time, etc. there are many additional charges involved with outsourcing, some unknown.

However, you don’t have to bear these expenses with Softify Technology Services Consulting. The company values your time and resources and quotes prices upfront without hidden charges.

  • Time barrier

In an emergency, you may have to wait until the outsourced IT partner can bring someone for your help. It may sometimes lead to delays in emergencies, causing heavy losses in income and downtime.

Hence, it is always essential to explicitly share your business operation requirements for better results.


Now that we’ve briefly touched on the benefits and challenges you may encounter while working with an IT offshore outsourcing business, you can compare and make wise decisions to bring the best results for your business. Of course, the benefits surpass the challenges and help your business in ways you may not have thought.

Book a consultant and speak with our IT professionals to understand the reward and risks of outsourcing. At Softify Technology Services Consulting, the professional work for your business growth and development, offering customized solutions to your requirements.

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