Different Ways to Improve Customer Experience in the Travel Industry

Different Ways to Improve Customer Experience in the Travel Industry


With most travel companies looking forward to boosting their profits, major factors in their success are pushed aside, throwing all the limelight on the customers.

Reports show that 86% of customers are ready to pay more for enhanced customer experience and what’s shocking here is that only 1% of products and services providers can meet their expectations.

Practically, airlines and hotels have struggled a lot to deliver the best customer experiences to their users. As per Forrester Research, no airline acquired an excellent or good rating in the US Customer Experience Index in 2017.

The WTTC (World Travel And Tourism Council 2017) estimated a mean growth of 3.9% in the hotel sector in the coming 10 years, with more than 380 million jobs available by 2027.

So, with all this data available, why does the travel industry still fail to capitalize on the rising demand? Why are there so many unhappy customers looking out for better customer experiences?

Of course, the travel industry looks out for travel technology & solutions to gain customer loyalty and develop positive reputations. Here are some effective ways to improve your customer experience.

1. Smart Rooms

Speaking of the hotel sector of the travel industry, a major rising customer experience trend is voice recognition technology which led to the development of smart rooms. Majorly, they allow guests to control different room services using voice commands, offering a more convenient customer experience.

A major example of this is Alexa from Amazon, which is already a part of Marriott. Smart speakers in your hotel rooms help guests interact with them to resolve their queries, gain information and switch on/ off other devices.

2. Chatbots and AI

With the advancement in Artificial Intelligence, machines can work with human involvement. As a result, it offers greater automation powers.

A major use case is chatbots, used by travel agencies, airlines, and hotels to render round-the-clock customer service and completely automated booking procedures. It helps offer a better customer experience with a quick response time, meaning customers can get their queries answered even at midnight.

3. Customized Marketing

The basic idea behind customized marketing is to deliver targeted advertising content to customers. It is acquired through data collection, analysis, and automated algorithms, helping content be distributed to targeted users with specific preferences or browsing habits.

Promotional content is more pertinent to users and holds more significance in the travel industry. For example, someone who browsed for hotel bookings will see advertisements on their social media profile. It offers companies the leisure to target their content to specific users.

4. Virtual Reality

In the last few years, VR has shown immense growth. This offers the tourism industry a chance to virtually transform their customer’s surroundings using VR and place them in a unique environment.

Some travel agencies use technology to help customers experience their hotel rooms before making a reservation. Virtual experiences also help a customer get an idea of different tourist attractions. Using 360 videos and VR hotel tours, you can check out the locations in a better way and gain a higher experience.

5. Augmented Reality

Like VR, it is more accessible as you need a smartphone and an app. Technology services companies use it to replace the surroundings of a user.

Those in the travel industry can boost their customer experience by using AR to offer additional information. For instance, a travel app may allow users to point their phone at a landmark and gain more knowledge about it.

6. Respond to Change Quicker

Travel companies and hotels should develop marketing and customer service programs that offer insights and savings, which help reinvest in technology to enhance performance.

Seeking the help of a travel technology company will allow you to regain your customer confidence and lower costs by offering safer and more practical experiences that offer control in the hands of the traveler.

7. Internet of Things

Internet-enabled devices are known as the Internet of Things. They have proven to be a major disruptor in the travel sector. Companies look forward to delivering a great customer experience by using their abilities and adding comfort and convenience for their users.

In hotels, devices are configured to detect situations and render results in real-time, for instance, regulating temperature and light.

Those in the travel sector need to make the customer experience their major priority and take the help of technology solutions companies to gain a significant advantage over competitors. The above steps will help tourism companies deliver a better experience and reap the rewards.

Wrapping Up

Softify Technology Services Consulting renders top-quality technology consulting services and helps travel and hospitality companies use their insights, tips, and strategies to streamline revenue, innovate practices and improve customer experience. The idea is to create a balance between revenue generation and efficient customer experience. In case you are looking for any assistance regarding travel technology solutions, our team of experts would be more than happy to connect with you.

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