Know About the Role of Technology in Transforming the Travel & Tourism Industry

role of technology in transforming The Travel & Tourism Industry

Technology has changed the travel industry and taken it to the next level. Think about the days when no online booking platforms or travel technology applications were available in the market. At that time, planning travel was not as easy as it is today. Many companies have introduced their applications and websites so that people can explore more in no time. However, nobody wants to spend the time in traditional ways of managing or planning their travel.

Travel technology has made life easier, as booking a flight, train, or bus ticket can be done with just a few clicks. There are many third-party websites available in the market that can plan a complete vacation for you.

This technological advancement is helping the travel companies by increasing business efficiency, reducing manual work, optimizing the processes, and enhancing the user experience, thereby directly impacting brand recall, loyalty, and an increase in returning customers.

Let’s dig deeper into how these solutions are helping the travel industry to manage its processes and improve the customer experience. Let’s explore these travel technology solutions in detail and how these solutions are contributing to the growth of the travel industry.

Artificial intelligence (Chatbots)

AI chatbots are trending in the messenger of many travel apps and websites. No human touch is required to answer the queries of prospects or customers. For the travel industry, these AI chatbots are reducing the workloads and also reducing the cost.

Mobile Applications

As this is a mobile era, and travelers are using their mobile phones to plan everything related to travel, it has become essential to develop a mobile application if you are in the travel business.

Study shows that during pandemics, 28% of travelers used mobile applications to protect themselves from covid and manage their travel without any hassle. Many travel companies adopted travel technology partners for the growth of the business.

Contactless Check-In

This feature was helpful during the Covid, and people still prefer to use it. Travel technology has reduced human touchpoints by introducing features like mobile check-ins and virtual assistants.

Contactless Payments

Cashless payment is another great example of technology’s role in the travel industry. The customers warmly welcomed this method as it does not require more time. Cashless payment is fast and convenient. Even after the pandemic, people have adopted this technological change and happily using it.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

AR and VR are trending as technological advancements. Like many other industries, these tools are also widely used in the travel industry. Things like virtual assistants and virtual tours are easily possible with these tools.

AI & Big Data

AI is helping travel companies to enhance the customer experience by personalizing the UX and messengers. AI and big data are helping to enhance and manage the overall customer experience. Travel companies are saving time and money with the additional benefit of a no-human error environment.


Here are some frequently asked questions about travel technology companies and travel technology solutions-

How is technology transforming the travel industry?

Mobile devices have changed and dominated the travel industry. The majority of brands in the travel industry are approaching digital transformation. This transformation has forced companies to pay attention to enhancing the mobile experience for their customers.

Here are some specific ways by which travel technology has changed the travelers’ experience.

  • By changing the process of booking and reservations (applications have played a significant role here)
  • Seat or birth selection became easy
  • Introduction of social media customer care options with AI agents
  • Mobile boarding passes
  • Online check-in and checkout process
  • Personalized travel experience

How is the technology used in the travel and tourism industry?

Technology has been used everywhere in the travel and tourism industry. From place selection to ticket booking, technology is ruling the game. AI-enabled chatbots, virtual assistants, payment gateways, and mobile apps for everything have changed the outlook of the travel and tourism industry.

What is the role of technology in the hospitality and tourism industry?

Technology has introduced the facilities like digital check-in, booking, cancellation, and food order at the fingertip of the user. Mobile applications for all such features are available for any hospitality or tourism business.

How can travel technology companies help the travel businesses?

Travel technology solution companies can create custom-made solutions for businesses and provide end-to-end solutions to manage the complete processes like booking or customer service.


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