The Future Of Travel: How Softify Technologies Is Helping This Industry In Shaping Strategic Digital Transformation

Steve Jobs said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward, it can be connected looking back.” So, at the end of every year, industry pioneers take some time to measure and identify which critical business processes worked and which didn’t before switching to something new.

From a technical perspective, it is a major factor of smart business. While 2021 was a bad year for travel and hotel businesses, the coming years are considered the recovery period. The travel industry’s success now depends on new technologies which work as a catalyst for innovation and development.

Technology adoption will reshape the hotel and travel business in the next few years. The digital transformation era has started, and top management is shifting their technical infrastructure to rejuvenate and reconstruct their work processes with integrated and agile cloud-based systems.

Cloud Migration

According to a report, 2 in 3 companies shifted to more cloud-based business activities post the pandemic, with 97% of travel companies now adopting cloud technology. It is quite clear that cloud-based technology is the new start, and travel brands and the hospitality sector should embrace it to develop an enhanced and more connected digital infrastructure with flexible and scalable solutions that enhance growth.

Softify Technologies Services Consulting lends a helping hand to those who need an appropriate cloud strategy. The team helps to provide a smooth migration process. The company provides a complete migration framework allowing businesses to assemble their work using specific tools. The simple approach it adopts is:

  • Planning the cloud migration process via precise analysis

  • Adopting an optimal migration strategy

  • Using automated tools for a seamless transition


It helps businesses identify the requirement and then provide an optimal cloud solution. Their team allows you to develop a cloud journey that offers value to your firm.

Using Softify’s cloud migration services, hoteliers can select and develop services and applications that meet their specific requirements for a purely customizable technology stack. It will allow scalable and flexible solutions that can be updated and shared easily. This doesn’t just add to a more future-proof backbone but also helps save money and boost productivity and operational efficiency.

According to Gartner, by 2025, cloud platforms will become the foundation for over 95% of digital companies.

Enteprise Applications

Post the pandemics, the expectations of customers have evolved. And hotel brands are expected to adapt to provider customization, comfort, and peace of mind. This begs the question- how can hotel owners adapt technology quickly?

Luckily, this is where Softify’s enterprise application comes in.

It helps you develop innovative, complex, and personalized applications. Softify’s software solutions can transform your travel and hotel business. It offers:

  • Seamless API integrations

  • Innovative legacy systems

  • Merging app portfolios

This taps into the emerging power to create a robust microservices architecture to support your business’s needs to help you get a competitive edge. Softify moves hoteliers away from a one-size-fits-all legacy structure to develop applications according to their business goals and requirements.

The travel technology company doesn’t just create a sturdy architecture for your businesses but integrates it with the latest technology and aligns it with your business strategy. Softify also uses BI to assess big data and deliver actionable insights to render end-to-end consulting services.

The New Era of Automation

You may have heard about digital automation, but do you know about hyper-automation? According to IBM, it is the idea of automating everything in a company you can automate. Hence, it involves the use of automation tools like AI.

To embrace this technology, travel companies and hotel businesses are encouraged to check their operations framework and IT practices and determine which can be optimized and automated strategically.

So, how can companies achieve favorable and intelligent results?

Using technology consulting services from Softify, hotels can reduce the pressure of repetitive tasks and practices while managing costs and better using resources across the team. Gartner forecasts that the hyper-automation-enabling software market will reach $600 billion by 2022.

Softify’s Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics services allow businesses to reap the advantages of predictive analysis and AI. It helps businesses make decisions faster and better. Using AI and analytics solutions, travel companies can:

  • Boost profit

  • Get new customers

  • Retain old ones

  • Motivate workers to work better

  • Get better business forecasting

  • Use AI in possibly anything they want


Softify Technologies Services Consulting helps companies enjoy higher automation with AI and their analytic expertise.

Looking ahead

While more travel and hospitality firms shift to cloud technology and harness the power of digital transportation, enterprise application, and increased automation, the industry will unravel a limitless future. Eventually, seamless platform enhancements, long-run scalability, proper functionality, improved productivity, and increased processing power will become possible and usher in a new and developed era of amazing customer service. What’s best is that the cost will remain low.

While you may seek the help of travel & technology solutions, Softify fills in the gap and works as a catalyst for change in the hotel and travel business. We’re there for you to track the latest trends and offer insights to help you establish ways for success.