Travel Technology Trends that you must know in 2022 and beyond

Travel Technology Trends that you must know in 2022 and beyond


The travel industry is advancing at a yearly rate of 10.47%. By 2026, its estimated value will increase to $1 billion. And technology has a major role in this!

Travel technology is a broad phrase involving the application of IT and other digital solutions in travel, tourism, and hospitality. The hotel and travel sector adopt innovative technology to help businesses and their customers have an incredible traveling experience.

Eventually, the objective of implementing travel technology involves automating travel-related practices, saving money and time, and providing a seamless travel experience to consumers. Technology is deployed to boost the customer experience before, during, and after the travel.

Importance of Travel Technology in the Travel Industry

Travel technology helps businesses in several ways:

  • Optimize or automate processes that previously demanded human interference

  • Improved Accuracy

  • Higher Convenience

  • Reduced Costs

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency

  • Better Services and Customer Experience


Keeping up with the latest travel technology & solutions is essential to ensure your competitors don’t gain a competitive edge.

Developments responsible for recent travel tech trends

Some technologies that hotels travel companies, airports, and cruises have adopted to ease their work are:

1. Voice Search and Voice Control

Smartphones, speakers, and AI assistants have also helped boost the relevance of voice search in the travel industry. A growing number of travelers are now using voice search to search and book airline tickets, accommodation, and other services.

Thus, choosing a technology solutions company to design your website is important, considering voice search in mind to help you capitalize on this tech trend.

Softify offers a strategic digital transformation to travel companies looking forward to an integrated digital platform to increase operational efficiencies.

2. Contactless Payments

Contactless payments are a major travel tech that the travel industry should adopt this year. It will help travel companies process payments quickly and more efficiently without accessing cash or debit/ credit cards. It also works as a time saving and boosts customer experience.

A cloud-based management system will support different payment options if you are in the hospitality industry. It adds simplicity and flexibility to payment systems.

3. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a major area to focus especially for those in the travel industry because companies here are at major risk of cyber-attacks and vulnerable to data breaches. Hackers target travel companies a lot.

Some of the common threats are phishing and ransomware. Hence, you need cybersecurity solutions from a technology services company to keep your business safe.

Ensure you keep up with the latest updates and regulations and comply with data safety rules. Softify technical experts offer remarkable security and permission management, protecting your company from cyber-attacks.

4. IoT

An exciting emerging travel technology trend is IoT which includes online connectivity between your daily devices. The devices can receive and send data and work more like smart devices.

IoT technology is applied in hotel rooms to offer customers a device to regulate their heaters, air conditioning, lights, etc. In airports, luggage cases are installed with sensors to notify passengers when they pass.

With Softify Technologies Services Consulting, you can empower your business to:

  • Assess the data and work accordingly

  • Transform your business processes

  • Integrate IoT solutions through enterprise architecture

  • Use AI for better decision making

5. Artificial Intelligence

Though AI and chatbots are not new, they will certainly rule the travel tech landscape in the coming year. Chatbots work as customer support to answer customers’ queries, relieving the burden of customer service staff. AI also helps with data analysis to help travel and tour companies make the experience of their customers better and more customized.

Softify enhances your AI journey digitally and transforms your business to make it future-ready. Businesses embracing advanced analytics enjoy:

  • Better business forecasting

  • Improved efficiency

  • Enhanced profits

  • Simplified solutions without daunting manual labor

6. Cloud Migration

For a digital transformation, travel and tour companies and hotels want a smooth transition to the cloud. It offers ease of work, scalability, higher storage, backup and recovery, and much more. Migrating to the cloud is a change that the travel sector has undergone and will continue in the coming year.

Choosing a reliable travel technology company that can execute a smooth migration and safe cloud migration is important. Softify aids cloud transition by bringing your thoughts into action with a customized and easy approach. The company identifies your requirements and offers a suitable cloud solution.

  • Accurate analysis of cloud migration

  • Use of automated management tool

  • Easy cloud migration


With new trends emerging, the travel sector looks up to Business Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics, and Digital Transformation to prevent lagging. Softify understands your requirements and helps you live up to your customers’ expectations and gain a competitive edge. So, partner with this unique travel technology solutions company to stay abreast of the latest trends and upgrade your existing ones.